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New York City Eviction Legally

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Our Network of Brooklyn Landlord Tenant Lawyers and legal eviction experts in Brooklyn, NY can help you with the following full-service eviction solution for Kings County Landlords, Commercial Real Estate Managers, and Real Estate Investors. We understand the process of eviction in Brooklyn NY can be overwhelming and frustrating; that’s why we offer affordable solutions to fit every budget, giving you the choice to have our office handle the entire process or just serve your legal notice.


There can be reasons why a landlord may decide not to return the security deposit. Some of those reasons include the tenant’s inability to pay all the required rent, when the tenant has not paid for all the utilities, or if the tenant damaged some of the facilities in the house beyond normal wear and tear.

Non-payment of rent is usually the most common problems that happen between tenants and landlords. Whereby a tenant doesn’t pay their rent, a landlord can give the tenant notice and wait for the tenant for a certain period of time to find a solution to the problem before they can file an eviction complaint with the Court. During this process, you will require the help of Brooklyn Landlord Tenant Lawyer.

If the tenant doesn’t find a solution to the issue complained about within the stipulated time, then an eviction complaint can be filed by the landlord in the appropriate jurisdiction Court. If the notice was served in the right order, and the filed eviction complaint meets all the law requirements, the Court may give the tenant an order to carry out under the agreement terms. Alternatively, the Brooklyn Housing Court may give the tenant a certain date to move out.

If the tenant does not to carry out the order of the court or move out in the period of time given to them, the landlord can apply for an order from the Court enabling him/her to physically evict the tenant and his/her properties.

Drafting Leases

Landlords need a good lease agreement that protects them when letting out their property.  You should seek help by finding a Brooklyn Landlord Lawyer to help you draft your first lease. Also, a professional property lawyer will advise you on new property clauses that protect your rental business. Constantly revisit the original lease agreement with your property owner to capture new issues that arise while renting out the property.

Handling Evictions

A Brooklyn Landlord Tenant Lawyer can mediate in cases where a tenant is disputing an eviction notice. The tenant may feel unhappy with your decision if they were beneficiaries of a rent subsidization program. Tenants who are your former employees, like groundskeeper or foreman, may also fight your eviction notice. In such incidences, a professional Brooklyn Landlord Lawyer will help you file a claim against the tenant.

Your property lawyer will go through your filed claims to ensure everything is in done properly. It helps you avoid careless mistakes, like submitting the wrong claim forms, which can work against you in a New York court.


Landlords are required by law to screen all tenants interested in renting their property. A background check on the tenant determines whether you rent out to them or not. In some cases, a tenant can file a lawsuit against you for denying them the right to rent. Lawyers for tenants in New York will defend these clients on the grounds of discrimination. A Brooklyn Landlord Tenant Lawyer will help plead your case and avoid hefty fines due to your alleged discriminatory action.

Court Appearances

Since court appearances are time-consuming, a New York property lawyer can represent you in all of them. It helps you focus on your business with the confidence that a professional is litigating on your behalf. Also, your property lawyer will represent you as the plaintiff when suing an estranged tenant or contractor who violated the terms of a business agreement.

Business Remodeling

As your real estate business grows, you can hire a Brooklyn Landlord Tenant Lawyer to update your old business model. The lawyer will update your business contract if you are bringing in a new partner. They will capture all legal and financial ramifications that come with changing your business contracts. A Brooklyn landlord tenant attorney handles all the legal paperwork on your behalf, allowing you to focus more on the business itself.

Our Brooklyn landlord tenant lawyers will handle the legal side of your real estate management. The property attorney will handle all legal paperwork, represent you in court, and act as an advisor in business meetings. A professional landlord attorney will help you fight back tenant lawsuits.

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This Package is only available to individuals landlords and NOT properties listed under a business. Also this package can only be purchased for New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Westchester

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