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Westchester County Eviction

Need Help Navigating the Westchester County Eviction Process?

Our team of eviction experts and Network of Attorney's can help you with the following full-service eviction solution for Westchester County Landlords, Commercial Real Estate Managers, and Real Estate Investors. We understand the process of eviction in Westchester County can be overwhelming and frustrating; that’s why we offer solutions to fit every budget, giving you the choice to have our office handle the entire process or just serve your legal notice. Please click here to watch the video on eviction.


  • Drafting Landlord Eviction Documents

  • 30/60/90 Day Notices

  • Notice of Petition & Petition (Holdover/Nonpayment)

  • Request for Final Order

  • Judgment

  • Warrant of Eviction

  • Service of Process

  • Non-Military Investigation

  • GPS Notarized Affidavits of Service

  • Court Processing & Filing

Eviction Laws

Eviction Laws-Grounds For Tenant Eviction

Understanding Landlord /Tenant Laws

NYC Eviction Filing Rules

Free Eviction Forms - Non Payment Form Packet (Outside NYC)

Free Eviction Forms - Holdover Forms Packet (Outside NYC)

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Get Started

Ready to start the eviction process for your property in Westchester County? Our experienced team is ready to help you reclaim your property. 

This Package is only available to individuals landlords and NOT properties listed under a business. Also this package can only be purchased for New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Westchester

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