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We Are The Eviction Experts


The last thing you want to deal with is having to evict a renter from your property. It takes a lot of time, is unpleasant, draining, and in certain situations, even upsetting emotionally. We are an experienced eviction firm, with Legal professionals and Eviction Attorney Members that has successfully completed thousands of eviction cases, and we can assist you.

Your phone calls, e-mails, texts will be responded to quickly.  We all get busy but that’s no excuse for not getting back with you.  Your matter is important to you, and we will do our very best to never forget that.  If we can’t talk to you right at that moment, we will at least get back with you and let you know that we received your message.

We understand that you need an eviction to happen fast and to be as cost effective as possible. Our experience allows us to do thing the right way the first time, resulting in a quick resolution and since we are not attorneys, we can keep our costs reasonable.

Your work will get done correctly and on time.  Our goal is to deliver on-time, every time, exactly as promised.  If we come up short let us know, we’ll make it right.

Our goal is to make the eviction process as painless as possible while we are getting your property back. Don't waste your time, or your money. Partner with an experienced eviction company and let us help evict your problem tenant today.

We are professional team of Paralegals that specialize in Landlord Tenant matters in New York.  We do all the work for you.  You just review, approve, and sign.  How easy is that?  We are not lawyers, we cannot represent you in court, or advise of your legal rights.  On the rare occasions when it is needed, we have access to a local attorney member.  If you have legal questions or need representation at a court hearing, we will engage the services of this local attorney.

Eviction Legally company will work alongside a New York eviction attorney member, should one be necessary for your case.

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