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Send An Eviction Notice Anywhere in New York

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Our eviction notices are able to be sent to tenants anywhere in Texas and are guaranteed to comply with the New York City Property Code. Don't let your tenant take advantage of you. Sending them an eviction notice will let them know you mean business. To order your notice, simply complete the form with all of the details about your situation and we will process and serve an eviction notice to your tenant.


For faster delivery, select the Overnight Delivery option.

Our Eviction Notice Service Includes:

  • Eviction notice preparation by a Eviction Legally expert

  • One eviction notice sent standard mail (via USPS)

  • One eviction notice sent Certified Mail w/ return receipt (via USPS)

  • A guarantee that your notice will comply with the New York City Property Code

  • Priority Delivery Available (optional)

Send An Eviction Notice
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