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How To Evict A Tenant in New York City 2024

Evicting a tenant in New York City requires the landlord to serve a formal eviction notice on the tenant to begin the eviction proceedings. The eviction notice lets the tenant know that the landlord is preparing to file for eviction and the reason why they are filing. This could be for nonpayment of rent, a breach of a term of the lease agreement, or the tenant’s refusal to vacate the premises after their lease agreement has terminated. The notice also gives the tenant a specific time period to cure the violation, pay overdue rent, or move out of the rental property. If the tenant does not respond to the notice within the time allowed on the notice, the landlord can begin eviction proceedings by filing a Petition and Notice of Petition New York City Civil Court. The New York court system has DIY online forms for both NY State and New York City.

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How to Evict a Tenant in New York City 2024

  • Step 1 – Serve the Eviction Notice to Tenant

  • Non-Payment of Rent

  • Non-Compliance

  • Month-to-Month Tenancy

  • Step 2 – Wait for the tenant to respond to the notice

  • Step 3 – File a Petition and Notice of Petition in NYC Civil Court

  • Processing Time (30 min.)

  • Filing Fee ($45)

  • Where to File (NYC Civil Court)

  • Step 4 – Serve the Tenant the Notice of Petition

  • Service Methods (Process Server, Friend, Family member)

  • Step 5 – Appear in Court

  • Common Tenant Defenses (financial hardship)

  • Step 6 – Obtain Warrant for Eviction

  • Step 7 – Repossess the Property

  • Useful Information

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