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Specializing in providing exceptional service to landlords who need assistance with evictions in New York City

Landlord Attorneys in NYC

Landlord Lawyers in the New York City Metropolitan Area

We Make The Eviction Process in New York City Easy

We'll save you from wasting time and money in court and avoiding the complicated New York City eviction process.

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We Handle The Paperwork

We will prepare your notice of termination, rent demand, notice to cure or notice of non-renewal

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We Serve Your unwanted Tenant

Serve your tenant notice to start the eviction process

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We then File Your Petition with Civil Court

File your non-payment petition or HOLDOVER PETITION with Civil Court: Housing Part

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We Deliver Results

We put a lot of effort into getting you the judgement that you deserve, and we then get back to you.

Recent Client Reviews

This company helped me get my upstairs , 2nd floor tenants who were very difficult out of our house. I was so pleased with their work.

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the exceptional legal services provided.

Absolute professionals! I recommend them 100%

We Manage the Full Eviction Process

We understand how frustrating and stressful evictions can be for landlords in NYC who view this as an action of last resort. The eviction process has many potential pitfalls for New York City landlords who often make expensive mistakes that have the effect of getting evictions cases thrown out of court if not properly served and filed, delaying and postponing the day landlords finally get their property and rental income back.

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We serve New York  eviction notices to your tenant anywhere in New York within

24 Hours.


This is a turnkey tenant eviction service. We will file with eviction suit with the court, and can have one of our landlord tenant attorney members from our network act on your behalf at the eviction hearing

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If you are a self-represented user New York, you will find information on professional help in your county through our Professional Help pages.

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We have helped countless landlords across the country connect with our landlord tenant attorney members to resolve their Tenant Eviction problems

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             We've Got You Covered

At Eviction Legally, we help property managers and owners in the

Greater New York City Area, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Westchester County evict problem tenants.


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